Brazilian Modernism: Loft Bauhaus by Ana Paula Barros

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Loft Bauhaus combines elements of the Bauhaus with Brazilian modernism, completed in 2011 by architecture studio Ana Paula Barros, located in Brasília, capital of Brazil. This fabulous residence is comprised of 1,722 square feet (160 square meters) of living space, focusing on indoor / outdoor living.

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Description of the project from the architect: Inspired by the famous Farnsworth House by Mies Van der Rohe, the project explores four of the five points of modern architecture: open plan, pilotis, free facade and ribbon windows. Despite the straight lines and clean architecture presented in the design, organic and natural elements like stone, iron and wood, which are a constant in the work of Ana Paula, provide warmth and cosines, essential elements for a house and, especially, to live.

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The project is composed by a large living room / dining room, which also works as a balcony. The room and the bathroom are in the same environment, having only the toilet hidden. The bath is open to the outdoor garden with a huge glass panel. The kitchen, which has no divisions, is located on the opposite side of the room and it is integrated with the dining room.

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The concern with sustainability is a constant in this project. In the hot and humid climate of Brazil the house is suspended of the ground and also has upper ventilation, a feature that helps thermal comfort. The house is at 60cm of the ground, to avoid the weather discomforts. The hydraulic and electrical installation can be done under-floor, without requiring excavation and it’s easy to maintain.

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The gaps opened above the beams allows the exit of the hot air, combined with the wide open sliding glass panels, creating a pleasant thermal sensation to the environment, reducing the need of air conditioning.

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Thinking about sustainability, the materials used for coating are made of reforested autoclaved pines, steel structure of construction debris and Brazilian stones. A drawing of iron plates between the stones reminds to Mondrian’s neoplasticism. The access to the house is done by a ramp; the building doesn’t have any unevenness, which helps the resident with special needs to move around.

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Stripped style furniture, with light linens covers, composes the decor. The furniture is all from Brazilian de signers, including Radar Armchair by Carlos Motta, the arc lamp by Achille Castiglioni and paintings by the Brazilian artist Marcelo Solla.

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Photos: Edgard Cézar

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