Fireplace And Fireplace Mantle Decoration Ideas

Types Of Fireplace And Fireplace Mantle Decorating Ideas

A fireplace is a very stylish and decorative place of your house. If you have a villa you probably have a fireplace and you are very lucky for having a relaxing time while reading book or drinking coffee etc. in front of your fireplace.

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If you haven’t got a fireplace in your house, you have other options to have one. There are new types of fireplace don’t need a chimney. First one is electric fireplace. You can buy it and put it in your living room. The other option is ventless fireplace using liquid or bio-ethanol fuel.

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Another important decision about the fireplace is finding a decorative fireplace mantle. We have some suggestions for you to have some ideas about the mantle. Check out the pictures and find which one suits you.

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